The IGNITED-Team Certification

Imagine a team that sets and achieves big, hairy, audacious goals, like business as usual. 

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What is the IGNITED-Team Certification

A fast-paced, comprehensive program to initiate as an IGNITED-Team. The program combines team assessment with 15-hour behavioural skills training and 1-month coaching follow-up to master the principles and the 15 behavioural skills of peak team performance. Graduates earn the valuable credential, IGNITED-Team Player and teams earn the IGNITED-Team Certification. 

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 How the IGNITED-Team Certification Works 


IGNITE 3.15 Team Assessment

Detailed analysis of a team on the the 15 behavioural skills of supercharged teamwork. 


15-Hour Behavioural Training 

The 3 dimensions and the 15 behavioural skills that comprise supercharged teamwork.


1-Month Follow-up 

One-month follow-up with 3 coaching session to ensure the team assimilates learned behaviours. 



Graduating team members initiate into the International Fraternity of IGNITED-Team Leaders. 

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The IGNITED-Team Certification

Your speedy, comprehensive, and reliable solution to peak team performance.

Why IGNITED-Team Certification is the Best Solution to Supercharge Your Team to Peak Performance

A Comprehensive Team Solution

A wholistic solution targeting a complete behavioural remodelling, totally customized to the unique strengths and challenges of a team.      

Assessment & Precision Training

Combining personality and team assessment with powerful training and coaching experience, IGNITE 3.15 ensures lasting transformation to the team dynamic. 

Focused on ROI

Designed as a high-impact learning regimen measured along identifying and rooting out counter-productive behaviours and replacing them with peak team performance behaviours.    

Let's talk, move things to peak performance.