Diversity-Smart Teams

Breakthrough Ideas, Smarter Decisions, Financial Results


In a world of flattened organizations, augmented workforces, and disruptive digital business models, there's an ongoing shift to team-based work practices. Diversity-Smart Teams is a series of three programs to equip teams with the knowledge and skills and strategies and tools to translate the diversity of perspectives to business excellence. 



Diversity-Smart Teams

The focus of High-Performance Diversity-Smart Teams is individuals in groups. This ground-breaking program invites team members to explore how they behave based on their cultural, cognitive, and functional differences. They understand the individual differences as varying orientations to time, communication, work, relationships, and groups. The guided discussion on individual differences lead into learning and practicing the strategies and techniques to leverage individual differences to multiplying the creative and innovative potential and overall productivity of teams. The program addresses the gaps that traditional team-building workshops miss out on and equips teams with tools to progress their performance to the next level.                 

In recent years, virtually every size of the organization has undertaken some kind of formal improvement activity or change program. In some cases, improvements have been made, in others, results were not as expected. After an initial burst of enthusiasm, commitments have faded and improvements may have had little impact on the organization’s strategic goals. Even when changes did have an impact, results are often short-lived with things ultimately slipping back to where they had been before. But why? The fact is that learned negative behaviours are the toughest barriers to sustainable change which tend to be overlooked. The training programs included in the Soft Skills are exclusively designed to facilitate employees learn, unlearn, and re-learn behaviours to deliver optimal performance at workplace. 

Leveraging Diversity of Thinking to Critical Decision-Making

Leveraging Diversity of Thinking to Critical Decision-Making invites managers and team leads to explore the challenges that the increasingly diverse workforces, flattened organizations, and team-based work practices bring to the task of critical decision-making. Research shows that diverse teams have far superior critical thinking and decision-making potential than homogenous teams. Diversity, however, may be a crippling hurdle to productivity when teams are not equipped with the behavioural skills to leverage it to critical decision-making. This workshop combines proven group decision-making techniques with the latest research on group dynamics in diverse teams to use the diversity of thinking as a unifying catalyst to spur creativity and quality solutions.           

Diversity-Smart Conflict Management

Diversity-Smart Conflict Management is a pioneering Behavioural Skills Company workshop that confronts managers and team leads to the increased potential of conflicts in diverse teams. They would see how​ culturally and cognitively determined expectations of appropriate behaviour lead to the formation of silos and inter-silo conflicts that dramatically affect communication and diminish the overall productivity. The program then equips team members with the knowledge and skills to use the differences of their backgrounds to enhance collaboration between them and multiply their creative potential.