Shelley Schanzenbacher


At the heart of all business is the opportunity to tap into your greatest resource, your people!  

Shelley is a certified Co-Active Executive coach and a graduate of the CTI Master Leadership program.  She is a member of the International Coaches Federation and also accredited in the delivery of Leadership Circle Profile™.  She holds a certification in Conflict Resolution and Mediation and is a lead mediator at Community Justice Initiative. 


Shelley has worked in the Canadian retail sector for over 25 years.  For the first 15 years she worked in operations; achieving optimal results and creating much sought after high performance teams.  Using her invaluable experience and unique talents she transitioned into specializing in corporate team facilitation, mentoring/coaching emerging leaders and creating and overseeing national programs for a major Canadian retailer as Director of Leadership Development.


Shelley has proven success and a passion for partnering with organizations to build collaborative and healthy relationships.

As a coach Shelley is a partner that helps leaders step back get a fresh perspective and look at new alternatives.  Shelley considers herself a student of conversation, she believes that every conversation holds deep learning and value.

She has a strong belief in “building space where wisdom can be openly spoken”~~ Rumi.


Shelley has been a lifelong resident of and community builder in Kitchener Ontario.