• Wali Muhammad

"Our Stories-Let's Connect" at the Victoria Hills Community Centre, Kitchener

On 3 June, Councillor Zyg Janecki along with the residents of Victoria Hills Neighbourhood Association– immigrants from English and non-English speaking countries of birth and native-born Canadians attended the workshop, "Our Stories-Let's Connect." The Behavioural Skills Company conducted back-to-back sessions of the workshop throughout the day where by participating in different workshop activities and discussions, participants learned about one another's unique cultural ways of interpreting social realities, and exlpored ways to relate to each other better.


Nadia Muhammad

Director, The Behavioural Skills Company

During the course of her over seven years career, Nadia has consistently worked to push innovations in behavioural skills training. When she is not working on assignments, she is incorporating scientific information and developing new training techniques to update her workshops in the areas of stress management, mastering anger, controlling demoralizing anxiety, parenting skills, and spousal relationship.

Nadia's workshops combine an optimal blend of learning and fun which are consistently the two attributes people remember them for. Her equal proficiency in four languages and experience of living and working in different cultural settings enables her to relate positively to her workshops participants with diverse cultural backgrounds.

Keen to contribute to community, Nadia is an avid social worker. She serves as vice president on the board of Victoria Hills Neighbourhood Association, Kitchener ON. She spends her spare time helping people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds connect together by organizing interactive discussion sessions and multicultural community events.

Nadia has a master of science in Psychology and has attended training workshop on Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). She graduated top of the class in a hundred hour-training program Management for Organizational Effectiveness (MOE).


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