Diversity-Smart Leaders

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Six Traits of Diversity-Smart Leaders
Humble about their own capabilities, invite contributions by others. 
Deeply committed to cognitive diversity, believe in inclusion, challenge the status quo.
Deeply curious about others, listen without judgement, seek to understand. 
Culturally Intelligent
Attentive to others' cultures and adapt as required.
Empower others and create conditions for cognitive diversity to flourish. 
Conscious of their own blindspots, flaws in the system, strive to create equal opportunities. 
The Business Case of Diversity-Smart Leaders
Helping Hand
increase in experiences of fairness, respect, value and belonging, psychological safety and inspiration
more likely to have financial results above their industry mean
increase in teams' decision-making quality
increase in collaboration among teams

Leading with Cognitive Diversity

Diversity-Smart Leadership explores the diversity and inclusion strategies to lead a diverse workforce with the most senior levels of organizations. Today’s leaders face unprecedented challenges. Their teams are individuals with an incredible variation in their cultural, cognitive, and functional backgrounds. Beyond demographic parity, diversity of thinking is the ultimate out come diversity. Leaders’ ability to capitalize diversity of thinking is a known critical success factor in business today. 

Diversity-Smart Communication for  Senior Leaders

Diversity-smart communication engages senior leaders to view communication as an opportunity to lead and understand the challenges of effective communication in contexts defined by diversity. The motivation, creativity, and performance of a diverse workforce easily translates into cliquing, conflict, and compromised productivity, when leaders fail to connect and equally inspire people from all backgrounds. In this program, participants will learn the knowledge and skills to adapt and use their communication skills in an authentic way with a diverse workforce. 

Stress Smart Manager
Use the powerful creative forces of stress to achieve personal and professional excellence

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Body Language for Diversity-Smart Leaders

Body Language for diversity-smart leaders is a ground-breaking new program to equip leaders with the knowledge of body language and its variations across situations and cultures. Developing rapport and communicating positive reinforcement needs harmony between verbal and non-verbal communication. In this program,participants will develop sensitivity to the norms and conventions of eye contact, body postures, smile rate, gestures of interest, respect, and friendliness, in different contexts and cultures to effectively lead diverse workforces.