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The Technology of Community Enagement

E L E M E N T S 

Communities Change Best When Communities Change From Within


  • Efficient mechanisms to advance collaboration, leverage diversity, and promote innovation.

  • An inspiring medium to encourage volunteerism and volunteer leadership in communities.

  • Immediate access and incorporation of local solutions to local problems.

  • Means to ensure impartiality.

  • A continuous supply of ethnographic information.

  • Safe ways to engage violent groups.

  • Instant and reliable monitoring and evaluation of citizens action projects.

Asset Based Community Development

  • Society is a system of chaotic order in diverse components.

  • Long-term change can not be advanced based on the goals of a development organization. 

  • As one of the actors, development organizations need to work with the energy and motion in the system.

  • Effective Community Engagement works from the “top-down,” the “middle-out,” and the “bottom-up.”

  • Lasting Community Development follows the sequence of listening to the system; identifying sections where positive change is happening; and planning and implementing initiatives to maximize the already ongoing positive change.

  • The overall impact is greater than the sum of their individual projects when multiple organizations network together.






The Next Generation

Community Engagement Platform

Serve to:

  • Establish relationship with a community

  • Capture and present community issues through powerful visuals 

  • Inspire community members for social change

Based on:

  • Semi-structured interviews of community members 

  • Field observations 

  • Findings of previous research

Three types of workshops are planned and conducted with community members at different stages:

  • Exploratory

  • Skill-building

  • Designing, funding, and implementing jointly planned Social Action Projects 


Online Portal is a platform to listen to the system, inspire and engage community members, and coordinate all development activities through the following hubs:



Trained community members supply rich media ethnographic information: descriptions, photos, and videos of the issues within their communities.


Online discussion groups for community members to discuss and reflect issues.


Positive Change

  • Stories of recognized and emerging community leaders and their initiatives.



  • Brainstormers

  • Surveys

  • Quick polls  



Skill building webinars


Network of Action

Networking and coordination between the on-going projects of different organizations to maximize their collective impact  


Social Action Projects 

Jointly planned and implemented community projects  


System Reports

Reports based on surveys, quick polls, and brainstormers 




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