Diversity-Smart Insurance Broker Certification

The Confidence and Skills to Attract & Retain Customers from Diverse Backgrounds 

  • Insurance is the most expensive product people buy that they can't see, touch, or hold.  

  • Selling insurance is all about insurance agents initiating and nurturing a relationship of trust with their customers

  • Trust is a culturally defined phenomenon.

  • People with different cultural backgrounds vary in the norms, mannerisms, and body language that define trust for them. 

  • Diversity-Smart Insurance Broker Certification takes a step-by-step approach to equip insurance agents/brokers with the confidence and skills to overcoming the cultural barriers to building trust and foster a network of clients from diverse backgrounds. 

The Insurance Industry of Canada

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Highly Competitive

198 Property & Casualty Insurance Providers 

38,000 Brokers

126,000 employees

58,300 full-time employees

156 Life & Health Insurance Providers

152,600 agents/advisors

55,200 full-time employees

Team Building
Highly Multicultural

250 Ethnic Origins

21.9% population is immigrants​

One in five Canadians born outside of Canada

Two in five Canadian children have an immigrant background

Half of the foreign-born population is from Asia. 

51% of brokers across Canada conduct business in two or more languages

Diversity-Smart  Insurance Broker Certification

Diversity-Smart Insurance Broker Certification Equips

Insurance agents/brokers with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to understand and relate to their clients' insurance needs by tapping into the norms, mannerisms, and body language of trust unique to their cultural backgrounds and foster a network of lasting relationships.

15 Hours

4 Modules



Module 1: The Diverse Insurance Customer: Demographics and Cultural Dynamics of Selling Insurance

  • Learning to segment the constantly growing diverse customer base by getting grips on a range of online sources for statistical information on demographics.

  • Conceptualizing cultural dynamics as an important factor of insurance decision-making. 

Module 2:  Managing Across Cultures

  • The ways to identify and explore cultural backgrounds of clients by grasping some easy-to-learn cultural models.

  • The skills to develop strengthen long-term relationship with diverse customers by learning to factor cultural information.


Module 3: Cross-Cultural Communication and Body Language Skills for Insurance Brokers

  • The skills to relate with and inspire people with different cultural backgrounds by understanding the cultural dynamics of effective communication 

  • The knowledge of universal aspects of body language and its variations across cultures  to further improve one’s cross-cultural communication skills.


Module 4: Culture-Sensitive Customer Contact

  • Insight into the cultural determinants of effective customer contact and the mindset to actively seek information about the cultural backgrounds of diverse customers.

  • The skills to develop instant rapport and winning the trust of diverse customers by learning and practicing a variety of interpersonal and body language communication techniques.  


Module 5: Culture –Sensitive Adaptive Selling Skills

  • The knack to constantly improve sales performance by learning to critically analyze every sales situation according to the frameworks of Diversity-Smart Adaptive Selling 

  • The skills to build trust and maintain long-term buyer-seller relationship with diverse customers by actively seeking, interpreting, and addressing information about their cultural backgrounds, communication style, and needs.



Seasoned and new career entrant insurance brokers who seek to stay ahead of competition by capitalizing upon the diverse customer base.

Maximum Class Size

15-20 participants

Delivery Options

8 Weeks

3hours/week in classroom