The IGNITED-Team Leader Certification

Master the art of creating and igniting teams to peak performance - the top skill in demand from business executives.

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The IGNITED Leader

Establishes Psychological Safety

Leverages Cognitive Diversity

Models Self-Accountability

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Team Meeting
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The IGNITED-Team Leader Certification

An intensive program, blending assessment of personal strengths and challenges with robust training and coaching experience to master the principles and the 15 behavioural skills of IGNITED-Team Leaders. Graduates earn the valuable credential, IGNITED- Team Leader, and join the International Forum of Ignited-Team Leaders.  

 How the IGNITED-Team Leader Certification Works 

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IGNITE - 3.15 Personal Assessment

Detailed analysis of a team on the the 15 behavioural skills of supercharged teamwork. 


15-Hour Behavioural Skills Training 

The 3 dimensions and the 15 behavioural skills that comprise supercharged teamwork.


1-Month Follow-up and Coaching

One-month follow-up with 3 coaching session to ensure the team leaders assimilate  learned behavioural skills. 



Graduating participants initiate into the International Fraternity of IGNITED Team Leaders. 

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The IGNITED-Team Leader Certification

Assess your strengths and challenges as a team leader and master the behavioural skills to ignite teams to peak performance. 

Why IGNITED-Team Leader Certification is the Best Program to Train Team Leaders

A Comprehensive Team Solution

A wholistic solution, targeted to a complete behavioural remodelling, totally customized to the unique strengths and challenges of a team.      

Assessment & Precision Training

Combining personality and team assessment with powerful training and coaching experience, IGNITE 3.15 ensures lasting transformation to the team dynamic. 

Focused on ROI

Designed as a high-impact learning regimen measured along identifying and rooting out counter-productive behaviours and replacing them with peak team performance behaviours.    

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