Wali Muhammad

Founding Director


Diversity is the most powerful driver of growth!

Wali believes that leveraging the tremendous diversity of today's markets, workplaces, and neighbourhoods demand new approaches to learning and development. To facilitate organizations meet the new challenges, Wali founded Behavioural Skills Company (BSC) in 2015 as a culture-competent learning and development organization headquartered in Waterloo ON. 


Proficient in four languages, during the last sixteen years of his professional career Wali has partnered with corporations and not-for-profit organisations in South Asia, Far East, Europe, and North America. He has proven success in designing and implementing behavioural skills training interventions to help organisations deal with a broad range of issues. His work has been commended by client organisations for contributing significant improvements in personal effectiveness and workplace performance of human resources.  


Prior to Behavioural Skills Company, Wali’s over 15-year consulting experience has been partnering with organizations in North America, Europe, South Asia, and the Middle East, in designing and implementing training-based interventions contributing to organizational transformation. Well-versed in the dynamics of the Whole System Transformation, Future Search, and Appreciative Inquiry Summit, Wali has been extensively involved in leading management team facilitation sessions, development and transition coaching, and behavioural skills training to help managers and community leaders manage optimal performance. 


Some of Wali's well-known keynote sessions are LeadCraft 360, TeamCraft AB, Culture-Sensitive Customer Contact, DecisionMaker 3.1, Conflict to Collaboration, Behavioural Interviewing Techniques, and Essential Kinesics and Body Language Training for Managers. He has extensively taught Consumer Psychology, Industrial Psychology, and Environmental Psychology at several universities.


Wali has a M.Sc. Psychology, and a Master in Peace and Conflict Studies (MPACS) from University of Waterloo, ON. He lives in Kitchener with his wife and three boys.