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The cognitive, affective, and social representation of identity. 

Positive Parenting Skills

Are you feeling helpless about your child's chronic procrastinating; your daughter bullying other kids at school; your son exploding into anger; or your kids arguing endlessly? If such are the challenges you're facing, this workshop is for you. Participant parents will learn about the essential concepts of child psychology and learn the techniques of positive parenting skills to empower their children with critical thinking skills they need to solve these problems on their own.      

Thriving on Stress

Unprepared to control rising stress levels, individuals get badly, sometimes fatally, hurt. Controlled stress, however, allows one to enjoy a healthier, happier and more successful life. The 'response control procedures' needed to use stress to one's advantage are learned and mastered in this workshop that draws upon a five stage program of explanation, analysis and training.

Controlling Demoralizing Anxiety

Mood control techniques included in this workshop help participants learn ways to control response mechanisms that trigger demoralizing anxiety episodes. By practicing the techniques learned in this workshop, participants can gain mastery over anxiety usually within 12 weeks.

Are We There Yet!

Are We There Yet!  emphasizes strategic planning concepts to ensure personal success. Through a series of  self-report inventories, interactive exercises, and thought-provoking discussions, the program aims to practically explain the need for a structured and effective planning process to determine the mission of your life, translate it into short and long-term goals and put into action a plan to achieve the desired objectives.

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Stress Smart Manager
Use the powerful creative forces of stress to achieve personal and professional excellence

Harnessing Anger

"Harnessing Anger" is training for temper control and learning the skill of deploying anger successfully. By way of understanding the psychology of anger, determining current patterns of anger through self report inventories, and learning and practicing techniques to use anger to one's advantage, participants will enable themselves to control this powerful emotion.

Success, Motivation, and Emotional Intelligence

This workshop captures participants amidst the struggle of their lives– busy learning, making something– career, name, fortune, fame; it captures them amidst the endless saga of their hopes and desperations,  dreams and desires. It dares them to reflect if they are being what they set out to be, or if they are simply diffusing into mediocrity, merely meeting day- to- day necessities? Participants then embark on a pilgrimage to self, re-define the meaning of success, rekindle personal motivation, and learn and practice ways to apply  emotional intelligence to stay on the course of materializing their dreams into reality. 

The Science and Art of Relationship

Relationships are an investment– the more you invest in them, the more you gain. This workshop is all about learning the science and art of strong and healthy relationships.  Through a variety of interactive exercises that blend fun and learning, participating coupples will assess the current level of satisfaction in their relationships and learn ways to improve it. 

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Life is not about finding yourself.

Life is about creating yourself.


George Bernard Shaw