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Transforming Organizations to an Integrated Network of Supercharged Teams 

The new business world is disruptive digital business models and unprecedented mobility of goods, services, and human resources across the globe. Hierarchical organizational structures are a relic of the past. 


Welcome to the VUCA world!

Success in the fluid, unpredictable world demands organizations to reinvent themselves as networks of interconnected teams. Such findings continue to storm the scholarly business research; they are the hard-learnt lessons of companies seeking to adapt and excel. 

To help organizations gain compatibility in the new ecosystem, a group of behavioural scientists and industry experts at the Behavioural Skills Company, Waterloo ON Canada, sought to develop the next-generation team development system. 


Their research pointed out Psychological Safety, Cognitive Diversity, and Self-Accountability as the three factors to ignite teams to peak performance. 

In 2016, they developed the IGNITE 3.15 Model of Supercharged Teamwork as the fastest, reliable, and comprehensive solution to evolve the overall team culture within an organization. 

IGNITE 3.15 combines robust training and coaching experience to equip people with the 15 behavioural skills to maximize psychological safety, cognitive diversity, and self-accountability within the team dynamics.  


Fashioning a holistic solution, the three IGNITE Certifications focus on teams, team leaders, and internal facilitators. 

Over the years of practice, IGNITE has gained popularity as a system that transforms teams reliably, sustainably @ the speed of business.   

Behavioural Skills Company

The IGNITED-Team Certification 

Ignite your team to peak performance




Teams with a minimum 4-week history of working together.

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The IGNITED-Team Leader Certification 

Master the art of creating and igniting teams to peak performance - the top skill in demand from business executives.

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Leaders assess their personal potentials learn the behavioural skills to ignite peak team performance.


Anyone, specially executives currently working at or marked for leadership position.

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The IGNITED-Facilitator Certification 

The facilitation skills, resources, and support to implement IGNITE 3.15



In-house facilitators learn the tools and strategies for scaling and customizing the IGNITE 3.15 learning experience and navigate challenging classroom scenarios.


Anyone, specially executives currently working at or marked for leadership position.

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The 3.15


3 Dimensions 
15 Behavioural Skills

The IGNITE 3.15 Model

IGNITE 3.15 combines assessment with a transformative learning experience to equip teams with 15 Behavioural skills, in 3 dimensions, to achieve peak performance. 




 Making Mistakes



Cognitive Diversity


Diverse Perspectives

 Productive Conflict




Personal Motivation

Big Picture

 Role Clarity

Can-do Spirit


Let's talk, move things to peak performance.