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IGNITE Report is a 10-page analysis of your team on the 15 behavioural Skills of a supercharged team. You will learn about your team's strengths and challenges, and appropriate interventions to ignite them to peak performance. 


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Developing Supercharged Teams is the Most Competitive Advantage of an Organization and a Top Skill in Demand from Business Executives Today. 

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The 15 Behavioural Skills of Supercharged Teams

IGNITE 3.15 is the quickest, most precise, and reliable personal and team development system for the fast-paced business world today.

Combining Personality and Team Assessment with a transformative learning experience, IGNITE equips teams with the 15 Behavioural skills to achieve peak performance. 

IGNITE was developed by a group of behavioural scientists and industry experts at the Behavioural Skills Company, Waterloo ON Canada, in 2016.

Combining Personality and Team Assessment with a transformative learning experience, IGNITE equips teams with the 15 Behavioural skills to achieve peak performance. 

  1. Assess your team's current performance.  
  2. Initiate a transformative learning experience.
  3. Master the 15 behavioural skills to peak team performance.
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The Rise of
the Teams 

Success in the fluid, unpredictable world of business today demands organizations to reinvent as networks of interconnected teams.   

Increasingly Global and Cross-Cultural Business Contexts

Disruptive Digital Business Models 

Flattened Hierarchies

Increasingly Collaborative Nature of Work

Behavioural Skills Company
draws upon its 12+ years of experience in igniting teams to their peak performance. 

 Learning & Development Solutions

Diversity-Smart Leaders

Leaders face many challenges today. The organizations they lead are no more some homogenous groups of people. Workforces today are both culturally and cognitively diverse individuals. Markets are culturally diverse customers situated locally and globally. To enable their organizations master and thrive in the new context leaders need the knowledge, strategies, and skills to cultivate and leverage the diversity of thinking to business excellence. A series of three leadership programs offered by Behavioural Skills Company are well-known in the industry to help leaders reinvent their leadership game.    

  • Diversity-Smart Leadership

  • Communication for Diversity-Smart Leaders

  • Body Language for Diversity-Smart Leaders


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Diversity-Smart Teams

In a world of disruptive digital business models, flattened organizations, and augmented workforces, there's an ongoing shift to team-based work practices. Combined with this is a diversity revolution characterizing the ecosystems of organizations today. A large body of research reveals that non-homogenous teams, capable of diversity of thinking, are simply smarter. They focus more on facts, process facts more carefully, and therefore are more innovative. The innovative credentials of diverse teams, however, face the challenges of cultural silos and increased potential of conflict. Diversity-Smart Teams is a series of three programs to equip teams with the knowledge and skills and strategies and tools to translate the diversity of perspectives to business excellence. 

  • Leveraging Diversity for Critical Thinking and Decision-making
  • High-Performance Diversity-Smart Teams
  • Diversity-Smart Conflict Management
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Diversity-Smart Customer Contact

Today's markets are people with diverse cultural backgrounds situated locally or internationally. They force organizations to move beyond traditional conceptualizations of customer contact. Effective customer contact may be many things. Everyone agrees on one thing though. Treat the customers with dignity and respect. The norms of dignity and respect vary across cultures, however. What is respectful in one culture may not be the case in another. Therefore, one size fits all mentality works no more. Diversity-Smart Customer Contact is a series of two programs for sales, marketing, and customer service professionals about the knowledge and skills to create customer experience for people not like you. The programs are designed to reinforce the idea recognizing the importance of customer diversity, relating to the customers better by seeking put culture specific information, and actively reorganizing communication patterns.            

  • Diversity-Smart Customer Contact
  • Diversity-Smart Adaptive Selling Skills 
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Professional Certification

Diversity-Smart Insurance Broker

The most-recommended training certification for insurance brokers to learn the top in demand skills to attract and retain customers from diverse cultural backgrounds 

15 Hours

4 Modules



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